You can also create a list of phone numbers of your friends and play a round with the help of your colleagues and friends from the network. This is a real social bonus, play along with your friends to win real money! The maximum win from one round is 100x the bet, and the minimum win is equal to the bet. As soon as you reach the minimum win, the round ends. Each round ends at random times, and it can be at any time.

Check the list of online casinos and choose an honest one which is compatible with the software used in the game. But besides the chart, there is one great feature: the option to add the chart to the game! You can select any chart, customize it, and insert it into the game.

Aviator: Your Gateway to Fun

It will be interesting to play the game in such a form. You can also look through the game from the beginning. This would not help you to practice, but it will be interesting to follow the game progress. If you try the game, the game is interesting, but if you are not interested you can just go back to playing the regular mode.

It does not belong to a particular online casino. Also, this game is not associated with any browser. You can download it directly in your PC without the need to install. The game does not need to be installed in your browser. You can play Aviator anywhere – on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

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You will never lose more than the amount of your bet, and it is a very good thing. In addition, if you play a game of gradual loss, you need to increase your bet in the final rounds. Thus, the round where you play this game, you win 10 times, and the final round is completed with a much larger bet. In this case, you won will be the amount of your bet. If you’re looking for a good game, check out Aviator. It’s a game where you are the pilot and you have to fly your plane up to gain altitude while avoiding crashes.

The goal of the game is to win the most profitable bet. To win, you need to place the bet before the flight of the plane stops. The less time you will lose with the plane, the more the multiplier grows. The Aviator online Aviator Game casino is available in a number of languages. The casino that you can play Aviator online is Secoud casino. You can play at this casino using your Windows or Mac computer, and, of course, using your mobile phone.

Aviator: Your Casino Experience

For example, if the player has a bet of $ 10, then the plane will fly upwards 2,000 times. The player can also upgrade the plane to the maximum of 20x, which means that the plane will fly to the sky 30 times. The player can also choose not to change the plane, and place the bet directly. The player can also choose to play at the beginning of the round, or to wait until the round is over and get the winnings. There are players who earn a lot, others lose more than they bet. That’s why, before you start playing, you should carefully read the conditions and terms of the game.

Aviator is a very enjoyable game that you can play online. Moreover, if you want to relax over the weekend, you can enjoy video poker without any risk of losing your money. It is a great way to pass your free time with your friends and family. Aviator the game, enter your email address and your full name. All of your bets are multiplied by a bonus multiplier on the first three rounds.

Win Like a Pro

It does not require any previous knowledge of the game. Aviator is not a strategy game, which means that there is no strategy of win or loss in the game. Multiplier — the player can bet for a round of the game. The purpose of the game is to maximize the multiplier as fast as possible.

Therefore, the possibility to play the game online is available almost to any player. And the main reason for that is the huge amount of money that can be earned by players and online casinos. The game is great fun, and can be played on any device, from desktop to mobile devices. The game is available as an Android and iOS application, as well as a web-based interface. The interface of the game is simple and easy to use.

Spin Like a Pro

You can always choose to submit data for a given game or not. If your answer is no, then we will not collect your data. Stardust Casino will not collect any data at all, except for the operational data for the game (such as the amount of the bets placed). However, you can always turn off the collection of data by setting the preferences in your account settings.

As you can see, every player, who played the Aviator game is equally paid, regardless of the size of the bet. This means that every player has to play the game with the same stake and the same multiplier. Artificial intelligence (AI) Aviator is completely fair!

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The award is determined by the odds multiplied by the win multiplier. The game can be downloaded and installed on your mobile device. You can be sure that everything will work and you do not need any special equipment. This is a great option if you are in a hurry and can not wait for the online casino to work and finish the game.

Spin to New Heights

If the coefficient is higher, then the player loses. The difference in the coefficients of the rounds for the same game can be different even for different sessions. In general, the coefficients are in the region of 3-5x. In practice, the winnings of players depend on the current coefficient. As a result, you can lose and win a round of the game.

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There is no betting odds available for the players. When the players win, the funds of the pool is withdrawn and transferred to the winners account. When the players lose, the funds are transferred to the casino account.

The best win is achieved when you manage to stop the takeoff with 100% honesty. This means that every player who placed the bet will get the win. The win multiplier is as large as possible (the maximum multiplier is . Aviator has among its best paid and best odds bookmakers in the world. From the game is a main menu and a settings screen where you can change the game parameters. If your flight is carrying passengers, they will be happy to see a nice surprise on the way when the plane stops and the passengers get off.

They treat all their customers with care and respect. The site is user-friendly and offers a wide range of features for all types of gamblers. Apart from live bets and regular bets, Aviator offers live betting and the chance to earn the most money from the sports events that you bet on.

Spin to Conquer

For example, you can watch a live match of poker, or play the same game. Once the round has started, Aviator will inform you of the coefficient at which the plane will fly away. To make money, you can manipulate the coefficient on the screen. The higher the coefficient, the more the market will change, and the higher the chance to make money.

Slot Bliss Beckons

Whatever the reason, you can always try to try again to get more money! At the end of every round, the game is completed. If the round was blocked, then your winnings are returned to you. Otherwise, you need to place another bet to be able to get more winnings. Please note that the Aviator game is a free game with bonus rounds. However, in order to be able to play the bonus rounds, you must play through the game first.

Thanks to our mobile players, we have tested two versions of the Aviator game. They are available in:,, and There are no manual downloads or games to install.

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