Paddle War was first conceptualized in 2022 by Shelly Jones and Oakley Foy as a spin-off of their tennis tournament company, Racquet War. As they witnessed a trend at the resorts where they host tournaments, more and more tennis courts were being converted to pickleball courts. Not only were there more and more participants, the pros they worked closely with were also starting to rave about the game. They decided to see what all the hype was about. They entered their first tournament in Colorado. “It was so poorly run, yet the participants just loved every minute of it. We knew we had a kind audience that deserved a better experience,” Oakley Foy.

After much deliberation on which direction to go as the pickleball world grows and morphs, they decided to forego their partnership with DUPR and not worry about your rating, just enjoy your hobby in the best way possible. “We have always been about providing the best experience for our patrons, and we think a well-organized, fun, social tournament is what the pickleball community deserves,” Shelly Jones.

Paddle War is unique with their rally scoring and guaranteed 10 matches over 2 days. They host destination tournaments, similar to their Racquet War model, at high-end resorts offering a pickleball weekend vacation with hotel packages. These tournaments are more than just a PB tournament; it is an expereince where lifelong connections are made or plan your next vacation. They provide an organized, efficient, and memorable event you don’t want to miss!

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